Doğruluk Süt Ürünleri was established in 1969 at its headquarters in Eminönü Kantarcılar Yeni Kozluca Han. The Küçük family made a bold decision to move from their village in Tekirdağ to Istanbul with the aim of developing the business, raising future generations in a modern business formation open to growth, and benefiting from the education and life advantages of the metropolitan city. It started its activities after their migration. They founded the company Doğruluk in order to use the advantage of having learned the special recipes based on old methods, which they acquired from their family elders during the years they lived in the village, and all the manufacturing secrets of the hundred-year-old special shirden yeast, which can be considered as a family treasure, and all the manufacturing secrets of dairy products made with this yeast, directly from the competent masters at the family dairy in the village.

In 1986, the company moved to its temporary location in the Food Wholesalers Bazaar established in Rami Barracks within the scope of the "Regulation Project of the Golden Horn and its surroundings" by the then Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Bedrettin Dalan. At that time, Ezine white cheeses, produced with traditional methods from the milk of the superior quality local breed sheep of the Çanakkale region and the milk of black goats, whose milk is very valuable, and the old kashar cheeses of the Gelibolu Thrace region, were produced under their own control with special recipes inherited from their grandfathers, and brought to all corners of Turkey, and due to increasing demands, more hygienic products were produced. With the aim of providing production conditions and better quality products, Ezine participated in the Kaşıkçıoğlu Dairy Products facility with 6 tons of milk processing capacity, established in Mecidiye Village in the early 90s, and with the investments made, the rapidly growing dynamic team, special production Growth has accelerated with the recipe and experience. In 2001, with the new investment decision taken as a result of the board of directors' prediction that the demands for "reliable products that will be offered in more hygienic conditions", which are likely to come from customers in the near future in parallel with the developments in food technologies, and the demand for products currently sold openly in large tins, will decrease, they added to the production in the factory. The new packaging facility in Istanbul Mega Center was established. Thus, Doğruluk became the first company in the sector to offer customers a variety of products with fixed weights, barcodes and packaging by specially trained personnel in hygienic environments, and brought the taste of the popular Doğruluk Ezine Cheese to consumers in a more reliable way. As of 2017, after the other shareholders in the factory decided to withdraw from the sector, Doğruluk family started to continue its production by increasing its capacity and product range with a series of investments in order to expand and develop the factory, with a daily milk processing capacity of 150 tons and an increasing number of experienced personnel.

Truth; It is a member of many sectoral institutions such as Ezine Cheese Producers Association, Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Istanbul Exporters Association and Çanakkale Commodity Exchange, and is one of the important players in its sector.

Truth; In order for natural cheesemaking to survive, we milk high quality milk from sheep, goats and cows fed by the natural vegetation of the Kaz Mountains and uniquely clean water resources in Çanakkale's Ezine, Ayvacık and Bayramiç districts, at the service of its consumers with all its being, with the awareness that the most important factor in determining product quality is raw material. It produces natural and healthy products by carefully processing under hygienic conditions without compromising their naturalness. By adding only 100-year-old specially produced rennet and a small amount of non-iodized salt to milk, it produces the cheese varieties it produces using traditional methods and in accordance with international hygiene standards, without adding any other additives. It prepares its classic white cheeses for at least 9 months and its geographical indication registered Ezine Cheese for at least 12 months. After ripening them for a month and turning them into gourmet delicacies, they package them; It produces its fresh products with the wet boiling method and delivers these delicacies to the customers' tables with different weights and packaging options without breaking the cold chain.

Since the first day it was founded, the company has adopted the principle of offering consumers only "high quality" products of uniform quality. For these high quality products, new brands have been registered over time in line with bilateral agreements made with various sales points; “ Doğruluk ” in Migros and Macrocenters, “ Doğrusüt ” in Metro Grossmarkets, “ Cheese Farm ” in BİMs, CarrefourSA, local markets and the factory sales store in Ezine, as well as the online sales store lezzine.com, WhatsApp customer services. It delivers its products to its customers with “Lezzine” brands on the order line and all other sales points.

Accuracy, which produces within the scope of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 Quality and Food Safety Management System Standards, FSSC 22000 international food safety management system certificates, operates under the supervision of expert and experienced craftsmen and food engineers, directs its work in a consumer-oriented manner and offers quality and food products. In addition to guaranteeing endless confidence to its consumers with its understanding of quality that never compromises on safety and continues from production to the table, it also guarantees that it will produce in accordance with its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate and will constantly engage in environmentally friendly activities. In addition, it constantly follows technological developments and legislative changes, ensures the formation of a participatory and pluralistic management approach and for this purpose encourages the participation of employees in all processes, prioritizes the continuous provision of useful training to personnel with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of employees, and maintains hygienic standards at every stage of production. It proudly offers "quality and reliable food" to its consumers by meeting the conditions meticulously.

Doğruluk attaches great importance to communication with its customers and in this regard, it actively works through many social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and WhatsApp customer service line in order to ensure their satisfaction by being accessible through many channels and to respond to any requests, suggestions and complaints in the most effective way. It provides service, listens to the demands of its customers, evaluates them as quickly as possible, and shares various posts with its followers.

Some of the achievements of Doğruluk Family crowned with awards:

In 2003; Our product, Migros White Cheese, produced by Doğruluk, was awarded the Private Brand of the Year Manufacturer Award by the Retailing Institute,

In 2008; Received the "Most Favorite Cheese" Award by Ekolife Magazine,

Received the Sectoral Consumer Award for "Healthy Food Production" by the Consumer Dialogue Association in 2014,

At the Good Future Festival in 2019; received the High Precision Producer Award from Migros in recognition of the high scores received in the quality and food safety inspections they carried out throughout the year,

In 2022; The establishment, which was deemed worthy of the Most Favorite Cheese Brand Award by Milliyet Favori Lezzetler , has an exciting and idealistic team that works hard as a team to ensure its permanent success and is proud to be a member of the Doğruluk family.

Also Accuracy; It makes contract manufacturing for giant brands such as Migros and Metro Grossmarket, is preferred alone in delicatessens all over Turkey where top quality products are sold, and within the scope of the "Geographically Indicated Products" project that Metro Turkey has been continuing since 2012, Metro's leading is one of the business partners.

The Doğruluk family, led by the second and third generation managers who have successfully undertaken the management of one of the leading companies in the sector, continues to gain the appreciation of the masses with its increasing production and export capacity, and has been supporting natural animal husbandry since the day it was founded with its variety of healthy and delicious products produced from completely additive-free ingredients with natural methods. In addition to continuing natural cheese production in the best possible way, as a result of 100% implementation of the rights and laws of trade, the company continues its investments and growth without slowing down, while taking justified pride in the continuous growth and development of the company.